If you’re experiencing pain that’s affecting your daily activities, Get Better Physiotherapy can assist you. We can identify and address the root of the pain, whether it’s caused by a chronic neck or back condition, a work-related injury, a car accident, or another cause, and provide physiotherapy treatment to improve your condition.

Physiotherapists work in various settings such as hospitals, aged care homes, and schools, specializing in different fields. For instance, Get Better Physiotherapy specializes in treating bone, muscle, ligament, and nerve-related health conditions using natural healing techniques that stimulate the body’s restorative abilities without the use of medications. We will also guide how to modify your daily activities to reduce strain and achieve long-term pain relief.

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Our physiotherapy treatments often include one or more of the following techniques:

Joint Mobilizations:

Our physiotherapists use joint mobilizations to improve joint range of motion. This controlled pressure technique can help reduce stiffness and pain, reduce scar tissue, and increase blood flow. By using precise movements, our physiotherapists can enhance joint mobility and function, ultimately relieving pain and improving joint health.


Deep Tissue Massage

We provide different methods that can effectively alleviate muscle tightness and tension. Our therapies include deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy, which can help you relax, become more flexible, and reduce muscle tension. Deep tissue massage also helps improve circulation and relieve pain, making it an essential part of the treatment. We may also use dry needling to reduce muscle tension and aid in your recovery.

Muscle Strengthening

To achieve long-term results, it’s important to exercise regularly. Get Better Physiotherapy offers additional options such as gym programs or hydrotherapy at local pools to aid in muscle strengthening and rehabilitation, in addition to their home exercises.



Physiotherapy is a type of treatment that utilizes specialized techniques for natural healing and does not involve medication.

Physiotherapy is not limited to treating sports injuries. It can also help people of all ages who have issues with muscles, bones, ligaments, and nerves. Hospitals, professional schools, and old age homes employ physiotherapists. If you are experiencing chronic pain or have been injured at work or in an accident, physiotherapy can aid in your recovery and help you feel better.

The physiotherapy treatment plan can be adjusted based on the patient’s needs and the severity of their ailment. Normally, the plan suggests attending 5 to 6 sessions over a period of 3 to 4 weeks to reduce pain.

Physiotherapy includes different methods to reduce pain, such as joint mobilization. In this technique, pressure is applied to the joints to improve movement, blood flow, while lowering stiffness and pain. Besides, physiotherapists employ deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and dry needling (in some cases) to alleviate muscle tension, augment flexibility, decrease stress, and enhance circulation.

Get Better Physiotherapy will provide custom home exercises to help you strengthen specific muscles and ultimately achieve your rehabilitation goals. Additionally, they offer extra services such as gym programs and hydrotherapy at local pools to further boost muscle strength and recovery.

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