What is Ankle Sprain?

  • Ankle sprain is one of the most common types of sports injuries we see.  According to Sports Medicine Australia, a sprain is defined as a tearing of the ligaments that connect bone to bone and help stabilise the joint. It may also be over stretching of ligaments that attach to the bones .  Ligaments help to stabilize the ankle joint.

  • It can occur while playing sports requiring jumping, turning and twisting movements. For example, netball, football basketball, and volleyball etc. Also other sports involving a change of direction like soccer and tennis can cause ankle sprains.

  • An ankle sprain leads to the instability of ankle joint causing balance problems.

What are the causes of sprained ankle?

  • Ankle sprains can occur by rolling your ankle on unstable ground or twisting as a result of sudden movement.
  • Awkwardly placing your foot when running, landing incorrectly from a jump or stepping onto an irregular surface may also develop a sprain in your ankle.

What are the signs and symptoms of sprained ankle?

  • Swelling or bruising depending on severity
  • Pain on putting weight on the foot or walking
  • Loss of balance

  • Weakness in the Ankle

What are the preventive measures for ankle sprains?

  • Warm up and cool down exercises while training.
  • Avoid performing activities on slippery or uneven surfaces.

  • Wear proper fitting footwear that provide good support to your ankles.

How we diagnose and treat Sprained Ankle at Get Better Physiotherapy Centre?

  • We will do a complete assessment and examine the injury in order to identify the extent of your injury.
  • Our hand’s on treatment includes joint mobilisation techniques, soft tissue releases and using a modality to reduce the swelling, which will assist you in walking.

  • We will show you strengthening exercises which will improve your joint strength, improve balance and help you get back to daily activities and sports.

A doctor’s referral is not essential to see us at Get Better Physiotherapy Center.

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