Are you looking for knee exercises to relieve pain? Does the pain start on getting up after prolonged sitting? or perhaps after driving for long? How about pain on climbing up and down stairs?? Remember pain is not normal. It means that something is not right with that joint or muscle. If the pain does not resolve within a week, you must see a Physio. According to the Australian Physiotherapy Association, Physios modify the exercise program to suit your lifestyle. However, if you are already getting treatment, these exercises will help you on the road to recovery.

knee pain

Knee Pain

The knee exercises below are only a starting point to improve the strength in your knee muscles.Also to support your joint with day to day activities. They are basic bed exercises that can be done if you have just injured your knee. To be effective though, the exercises must be pain free. This is because pain inhibits the muscles and tight muscles will not move the joint correctly.

It goes without saying that the exercises alone will not heal the joint. If the pain increases with any of these movements, stop! It means that either your injury is severe at this stage and cannot tolerate the exercise. Or you are not doing the knee exercises correctly. Please ask your Physio for the right technique.

Duration and frequency

It is important to repeat these exercises twice daily. 10 repetitions are sufficient each time you are doing these knee exercises. Holding each exercise for 5-10 seconds will help improve muscle strength. As the muscles become stronger, more resistance is added to challenge the muscles.

leg bending

Knee flexion

leg stretching

Knee extension

Knee strengthening

Terminal knee extension

Knee strengthening exercises

Straight leg raise