Struggling to find Christmas gift ideas for your loved and not so loved ones? The holiday season is upon us again! I really do believe it’s the happiest time of the year (and stressful at the same time). We are preparing for the final run until we hit the Christmas holidays and close off the work chapter for a little while atleast to refersh and rejuvenate. While some of us are all prepared with various christmas gift ideas (since July must I mention?) , some others are still hunting for last minute Christmas gift ideas and what to buy uncle Tom! I hear you. So if your brain can’t think anymore , here are some lovely Christmas gift ideas that the bodies of the people you gift will thank you for especially if they’ve been in pain!

Christmas gift ideas Health related

Pain relieving kit is one of the best Christmas gift ideas you can think about!

Christmas gift idea of pain relieving kit

I’m sure your loved ones will love this simple yet effective gift of the winning combination of a spikey ball, hand made heat bag and anti flamme pain relieving cream. We use these all the time with our patients and they certainly love it. The spikey ball comes with it’s own little trigger pointing card that you can use to self massage those stubborn knots out of the muscles. Then gently massage the anti flamme cream onto the ironed out muscles and whack a heat bag on for added relief. The heat bags are hand made and are actually made by a charity organisation that funds a school in Africa with it’s sales proceeds. So you’ll be doing charity at the same time. And since it’s the season of giving why not try these wonderful Christmas gift ideas for your health? Nothing better than heat and some pressure to ease the muscle tension around tight muscles. The products come in a value pack that will suit your budget. Great Christmas gift ideas for a self care at home!

Sleepy Christmas gift ideas : therapeutic pillow

Therapeutic pillow as a christmas gift

If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas out of the ordinary then consider this. We’ve only ever stocked this brand of the therapeutic pillow and have only received great feedback about how effective it is especially if one suffers from neck stiffness waking up in the mornings. This pillow is perfect as a christmas gift because it’s fully adjustable. It has 2 contours on either side of the pillow that are of different sizes . So if you prefer a lower pillow use the lower end . The contours support your neck at night and provide the much needed space between the shoulder and the ear especially if you’re a side sleeper. It also has inserts that can be removed from one or both sides to adjust the size of the pillow. As any new thing that your body may take time to adjust to, this can too but a lot of my patients take to it  like a duck to water! I kid you not, you’ll feel a new person waking up the next morning! Ok , I’ve said too much, atleast your neck will feel new. If you’re looking for Aussie made and owned Christmas gift ideas then this one is certainly down your alley.

Christmas gift idea no:3: Archie’s thongs!

Christmas gift 3

How about some colourful christmas gift ideas that your feet will love too! These thongs have become quite popular in a pretty short time. Especially for Queenslanders who love their sunshine and the beach. Archies thongs come in various different colours and sizes and have a perfect arch to support your foot. People like me with flat feet will love it because they can finally walk without their feet hurting. of course thongs aren’t something that I’d recommend for long distance walking but I certaily advise my patients to wear shoes with arch support even if they are home especially on tiled floors. You can easily find a nice deal if you purchase more than 1 pair at a time. They do fly out as soon as we order them in so make you to get one today from our clinic at Browns Plains.

Christmas gift idea no:4: Our pampering Gift Certificates for a Remedial Massage

Christmas gift 4

Who doesn’t love a firm Remedial Massage to get those knots ironed out after all that thinking about Christmas gift ideas! We have 2 great Remedial Massage therapists at Browns Plains who certainly know where the sore spots are! They’ll work on your tight muscles to release the tension and get you moving better. Rememdial Massage is a wonderful circulation booster and helps in flushing out toxins from the body. It’s a little something that someone can do for themselves regularly. With our busy lives we often forget to look after ourselves and a little helping hand from someone in the form of a gift certificate can really lift us up. It’s also great if people have been stressed out because we tend to hold most of our stress in the muscles of our neck and shoulders. Remedial massage can help with stress relief thereby helping with pain relief.

So I hope you’ve got some different Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones. If you’re interested in any of the above, get in touch with us by clicking the button below and we’ll be sure to help you out! Have a Merry Christmas!