Are you sick of being in pain with daily activities?

If you’re looking for Physiotherapy in Regents park to know exactly where your pain is coming from and get pain relief, then you’ve landed on the right page. Whether you’ve injured yourself at work or had a car accident or even because you ignored that niggly issue in your neck /back for a long time and now it’s rearing it’s ugly head again, we can help you. 

It’s a common misconception that physiotherapists can only help with sports injuries. Not at all true. Physiotherapy is for everyone and every age group. In fact physiotherapists work in different settings like hospitals, aged care homes and even special ed schools! Here at Get Better Physiotherapy Regents Park we look after conditions that affect your bones, muscles, ligaments and nerves. 

Physiotherapy is a natural way of healing your body without medications. We use specialised techniques that improve the blood circulation through your joints and muscles and help the body’s natural healing mechanisms. And that’s why it’s not a one off , it’s a commitment of at least 5 to 6 sessions over 3-4 weeks to reach your goal of being pain free.

How we help you with pain relief at Get Better Physiotherapy Regents Park?

First of all it’s important to understand where the pain is coming from. Whether it’s your joints, muscles, nerves or other soft tissues. So our questions are based on analysing your pain patterns. How your pain affects your daily activities including exercise (or lak of) gives us a lot of information about what your body is going through.

At Get better Physiotherapy Regents Park, we then do special tests to confirm what we found with the questioning so we can target our treatment to those areas. Based on these tests we can advise you on modifying your daily activities to reduce the strain on your body. This also helps in the long term solution for your pain.

We will usually use , one of the following techniques to help with pain relief

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Here’s our 3 step system for pain relief at Get Better Physiotherapy Regents Park

Joint Mobilizations

Joint mobilizations literally means moving the joint. Our Physiotherapists apply varying degrees of pressure to joints to improve the range. The movement helps to increase the blood flow through the area. Hence, reducing pain and stiffness. It also breaks down the scar tissue if any. Because of the knowledge and experience our physiotherapists are able to do small movements in joints to have a big effect . Manual therapy is a highly effective treatment method that can provide pain relief. It also helps in improving joint range of movement and function.


Deep tissue massage

Our Physiotherapists use various techniques to reduce muscle tightness. Deep tissue massage and Trigger point therapy are common techniques used by to relax the muscles. This improves flexibility and reduces tension. There is also increased circulation and pain relief. At Get Better Physiotherapy Regents park, we also use dry needling to help with muscle tension release.

Muscle Strengthening

You will get a  home exercise program to strengthen the muscles. However, this may not occur on the first day. But as your recover, exercises will certainly be added. It is important to continue exercising for long term results.At Get Better Physiotherapy Regents Park, you also have the option to have a gym program or hydrotherapy at one of the local pools.


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