Has your doctor just told you that you have Osteoarthritis??

Fear not! Help is at hand! Osteoarthritis is nothing but wear and tear of the cushioning that covers the end of the bones that form joints in our bodies. This is called joint cartilage. The cushioning lets the joint move without friction. Due to over activity in the joint, for example in athletes, the cartilage may suffer a lot of wear and tear. This can result in swelling and fraying of the cartilage and ultimately swelling in the joint. Normally these changes will happen as our body ages anyway. As our bodies age, our bones and joints also age. However, anyone doing heavy physical work may suffer from Osteoarthritis as well if they do not take care of their bodies. Unfortunately younger and younger patients are presenting with this problem due to lack of exercise.

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What to do to prevent Osteoarthritis?

It is very important to do strengthening exercises , if you have a physical job. Now a lot of us might think, ok I have a physical job, I do not need to exercise. Well, that’s not the case. A physical job will surely keep you fit, however, it is not targeting the muscles that you need to strengthen. Due to the physicality of the job, it is all the more necessary for you to strengthen the muscles so the joints are not strained while lifting at work. Now you may say you don’t have the time but it’s so important to make time! Otherwise high chances are that you will suffer when you get older.

However, if you have been exercising and your doctor has given you the diagnosis of Osteoarthritis, well here is how we can help

How can Physio help?

Physios will ask you questions about your lifestyle that may affect the arthritis. They will do a thorough assessment of the joint to know exactly where the pain is coming from. The session is then followed by treatment which will include the following:

  • Mobilization of joints to get more movement and reduce stiffness
  • Releasing the muscle tension and massage
  • Show exercises to strengthen the muscles

It is very important to be consistent to the treatment plan given to you by your Physio for a great recovery. To get more information on our Physios please click here