Lower back pain in pregnancy does not happen to every pregnant woman. However , about 50% of pregnant women will suffer from some kind of low back pain at some point during their pregnancies or during the postpartum period. Wow! 50%! That’s quite a big number. And yet there are so many women who are not guided in the right direction about treatment for lower back pain in pregnancy. The hormones undergo a massive change during pregnancy but even the bones, muscles and ligaments go through a lot of changes in pregnant women. Firstly it’s to accomodate the growing baby and secondly it’s to prepare the body for child birth. The joints of the lower spine are put under tremendous stress during pregnancy. No wonder women end up with lower back pain in pregnancy!

So what can do you about it? Well I for one understand the intricacies of changes that take place in a woman’s body after my own experiences after pregnancy. And it is so important to find the righ physiotherapist who can understand what you are going through. But also my experience of working with women over the past 15 years has taught me a lot about what sort of pain patterns women can show when suffering from lower back pain in pregnancy. Here’s why our physiotherapists can help you get the best results:

lower back pain in pregnancy

Our physiotherapists use hands on therapy to treat lower back pain in pregnancy

physiotherapy for lower back pain in pregnancy

Haven’t you felt sometimes that you just need someone to “get in there and get rid of those knots!”. Well that’s exactly what we do to give you pain relief in our sessions. Because the muscles have to work very hard to hold you up adn accomoidate your growing belly, they can get really tight. And this can put more pressure on your joints causing lower back pain in pregnancy. So first, we literally get more movement into the joints to reduce stiffness. Then, we use trigger point therapy or deep tissue therapy to release the muscle tension. This will certainly give you lower back pain relief.

Pelvic floor strengthening is a must for relief from lower back pain in pregnancy

Pelvic floor muscles get stretched a lot to prepare you for child birth. So they can become weak and in turn put pressure on your lower back. So our program will definitley include pelvic floor strengthening as part of your recovery. These exercises should infact be done through pregnancy but even after to prevent lower back pain from reoccuring.

You don’t have to just grin and bear lower back pain in pregnancy

woman with lower back pain in pregnancy

You have to remember that pain is not normal. It’s your body telling you that something’s wrong. So if you are still feeling lower back pain in pregnancy, you’ve got to see a physio! Why? Because we don’t just help you with pain relief but also tell you how to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to prepare for child birth. And also strengthen your core muscles to prevent lower back pain after pregnancy.

Be sure to find a good physio though. There are a lot of people who don’t want to do much hands on therapy and want to cure you of your pain with exercises. In my opinion that doesn’t work. Exercises strengthen a joint, it doesn’t take away the pain. I hope this helps. If it doesn’t give us a call and I’m happy to explain more.