That annoying knot in your shoulder back again? You just woke up with that stiff neck again and now are left wondering what the hell you can do to get rid of it? Wouldn’t it be nice for someone to just get in there and unentangle your muscles? You’re in the right place my friend. This is exactly what Remedial massage therapists do! Here are  3 awesome ways they can help you with muscle tightness!

woman getting back massage

Massage therapist uses deep tissue muscle release technique

Muscles respond really well to deep pressure. Knots are nothing but bunching up of muscle fibres because if overwork. So pressure in that area basically helps to relieve it. Doesn’t mean we go in all guns blazing, but just enough pressure to release that so called “knot” in your muscle. Have you ever felt that tightness across your shoulders sitting in front of your computer while typing away? Remedial massage will unentangle them. Or what about that tension headache at the end of the day? Or even back stiffness after a hard day at work? Especially if you do physical work. In fact muscle soreness because of sports will also benefit from deep tissue massage.

Remedial massage increases circulation

woman getting massage

The first impact of overuse or tightness is on the blood flow to the muscles. Lack of good circulation can lead to a general feeling of stiffness in the body. Massage actually helps to increase the blood flow to your muscles making them more flexible. In fact it’s a great way to warm up a muscle just before gym training or even sports. You may have seen these big rugby players doing exactly that just before their games.

Remedial massage increases mobility

Tight muscles can restrict joint movement as well. So if you haven’t been able to look over your shoulders to do a check correctly, it’s probably because your movement is restricted. Now of course there can be several factors causing that. I’m not saying that massage will cure you of all your diseases but it will certainly help to get some more movement into your joints.