If you’ve been meaning to try reformer pilates classes for a while and have talked yourself into being really busy and not being able to make the time. Well, hopefully this article will make you pick up that phone and run to book the closest reformer pilates classes near you! I understand , it is the first step as with anything right. Some apprehension of being in a class setting, may be some apprehension of trying something new? Sometimes we get into our comfort zones don’t we? This could be a little nudge to perhaps try something new? Ok then, here are 5 reasons why reformer pilates classes could be the best thing you’ve done in a loooong time.

Reformer Pilates classes

Reformer Pilates classes will not hurt your joints

Cross fit and functional training is all the rage right now but do you know how much pressure goes through the joints with these high intensity exercises? Especially if you’re recovering from an injury or pregnancy or if you’re older(I said older ok , not old). In fact if you’re not absolutely careful with your form, you can end up injuring yourself. With reformer pilates classes, this will not happen as it is very low impact on your joints. Why? Because the machines we use work with the spring mechanism and you have to do the exercises in a slow and controlled manner. That’s the key with reformer pilates classes. Slow and controlled.

We only run small groups of 4 people in our reformer pilates classes

Reformer Pilates classes

Yes that’s right! Onyl 4 in a class so we can provide more attention to your form and posture when you’re doing reformer pilates classes. Being physios we are completely focused on the way you do a certain exercise so it has the maximum impact on your muscles. We pay attention to the form and are able to modify the exercise on the sport for you if need be. Although it’s a class, you can chose your challenge and work at your own pace. A small group also feels comfortable to a lot of women we treat and that works well.

Reformer pilates classes are great for recovery from back pain

The single most important reason for recurring lower back pain is the weakness in the core muscles. And it’s not just the 6 pack I’m talking about. There are small muscles very deep under the bug belly and back muscles that stabilise the spine as a whole. The muscles become weak if you’ve suffered from lower back pain before. They can also become weak due to us being lazy. By sitting in a slouched posture or just sitting a lot in general. So the muscles will not support your back properly and you can end up hurting yourself. This also happens after preganncy and child birth due to the tremendous amount of pressure that goes through the joints. Reformer pilates classes focus specifically on the core muscles. We show you exactly how to “turn on” your core muscles. And all of the movements that we do in our reformer pilates classes are focused on building up the strength in these core muscles and getting them firing again. Our patients recovering from back pain find these classes particularly useful.

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Reformer pilates classes are great for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles

What you probably didn’t know is that pelvic floor muscles (the ones that help you pee and poo) are actually part of the “core” that support your lower back. Along with the deep muscles of your tummy and back, they help to protect the lower back. However, pelvic floor muscles can get affected after pregnancy, a difficult child birth, due to chronic back pain or even due to ageing . This is exactly where reformer pilates classes come in. Because the exercises are focused on pelvic floor strengthening, it can definitely help with incontinence. Also due to that fact that reformer pilates classes are low impact, they are a good way to start the strenghtneing process.

Reformer pilates classes are great for full body toning

Now before you associate reformer pilates classes with just “core strengthening” let me tell you that it’s actually a full body workout. Because we use variuous different positions to do the exercises , they use all different muscles groups. There’s a lot of limb work and you’ll pretty much feel like you’ve been to the gym after our reformer pilates classes! This is exactly why they are great for full body toning and strengthening. The machines have different resistances that you can progress to once you’ve mastered the beginner level exercises. I kid you not, you won’t feel the need to visit the gym again!

Reformer pilates classes are absolutely safe even during pregnancy!

There are so many benefits of doing reformer pilates classes that I couldn’t help adding this extra one here. It is absolutely safe during pregnancy and oh so important to train those core and pelvic floor muscles. Of course as the pregnancy progresses we will need to modify some of those exercises but you can continue to do these well in the 3rd trimester of your pregnancy. It goes without saying that the sooner you start the reformer pilates classes in your pregnancy, the better equipped your body will be to deal with the pressures of pregnancy and child birth. A lot of the exercises that are taught to pregnancy women are actually based on the principles of pilates. And these should be started as soon as you know you’re pregnant if not before!