Some of the best pelvic floor exercises for women actually don’t require any equipment other than your own bodu weight. Because plvic floor muscles are endurance muscles, they don’t need huge amounts of weight to strengthen up. But it’s more a matter of repetition and the right form. The most important time to start pelvic floor exercises for women is expecially during pregnancy and definitley after birth. This is due to the fact that there’s so much pressure on these muscles when the baby starts to grow and when it’s actually born. The pelvic floor muscles are stretched to their limit to the point of tearing in some cases! So it’s absolutely important to start the strengthening process asap. Here are some of the simplest and best pelvic floor exercises for women:

Pelvic floor exercises for women, number 1: It’s all about the squeeze!

So lie on your back with your knees bent and a small ball between your knees. Place your fingers just below the hip bones at the front. Now think about squeezing your belly button towards your spine. Make sure it’s only a gentle squueze rather than a full sucking in of your tummy. If 100% was your maximum effort, the contraction only needs to be about 20%. It’s all about squeezing the right muscles when doing pelvic floor exercises for women. At the same time, try to squeeze your knees together and the ball between your knees. Remember again, not to squeeze too hard. Because the pelvic floor muscles are small, they will tire easily. This will feel like a period cramp. It’s best to start slow with holding for 5 seconds at first and only doing 5 repetitions of the exercises to begin with. These pelvic floor exercises for women are especially beneficial as a beginner level or as a base exercise while doing other bigger movements.

Pelvic floor exercises for women: number 2: Table top!

Pelvic floor exercises for women 1

With this one, we are going to build up on the previous exercise. So you’re still lying in the same position. This time lift up 1 foot so it’s at 90 degrees to your hip. Then lift up the other foot to get it in line with the other foot. If you can, try to hold this position for 2 seconds before you bring the other foot down to the floor. And let the other foot come down too. Now repeat! This is definitely is a good core exercise in addition to pelvic floor exercises for women.

Pelvic floor exercises for women 3: Brigding with a squeeze!

Here’s one of the simplest yet most effective pelvic floor exercises for women. We are not going to change the position for this one too so you’re still going to be on your back. This time we are still going to focus on squeezing your belly button while at the same time trying to lift your buttock off the bed. I cannot emphasise how important it is to even strengthen the buttock muscles while doing pelvic floor exercise for women. The buttock muscles are the largest in our bodies and pretty much help to support the body weight as the pregnancy progresses. They also help to protect the lower back  so the stronger these muscles are, the better your back will feel.