Now if you suffer from chronic neck pain and asked me when you should see a physio, I’d say yesterday! And it’s not just because I help people with chronic neck pain day in and day out. The issue is the longer you’re in pain without getting treated, the longer your body will take to recover. So instead of thinking “she’ll be right”, just bite the bullet and get some help. Because if your pain hasn’t gone away on it’s own in 7 days, you’re probably not getting rid of it without help. So here’s how we can help you if you suffer from chronic neck pain.

man with chronic neck pain

We don’t just show you exercises for your chronic neck pain

I really believe that if you start exercises without first controlling your pain, you can end up worse. So the first thing we do is giving you neck pain relief. We need to understand where the pain’s coming from. Whether it’s the joint or muscles or even nerve! Once we know which structures are causing your chronic neck pain, we roll. It’s just so important to use the right manual therapy techniques. So we use hands on methods to relieve joint stiffness and muscle tightness. And voila! you get better movement in your joints and reduced pain. Now before you think it happens overnight, let me just say, patience is the key. You feel better with every session of course, until you’re ready to rock and roll.

Posture is a big thing when it comes to chronic neck pain

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Don’t worry I’m not going to ask you to walk around with a posture brace all the time. We certaily know that poor posture has a big, big role in causing chronic neck pain. I personally don’t like using posture braces because they make you sit in a ver awkward way. Even if you did not have neck pain before, you’ll end up with one! We show you simple things you can do at home and work to minimise the strains of a bad posture on your neck. With so many people working from home and on computers these days, it can be challenging to set up your workstation right. Over a period of time, the way you’re sitting can definitely lead to chronic neck pain.

We work on the muscles that are holding you up in a bad posture

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Our bodies are great at tolerating. So it can be weeks or even months before the pain gets unbearable. And as we all know, we don’t go to the physio as soon as we get pain now, do we? It would be so much easier. But no, we wait and wait. All this waiting can eventually cause a lot of muscle tightness. I mean knots , literally in the muscles. So we focus on deep tissue techniques like trigger pointing and remedial massage to really get into the muscles. In fact we offer hour long sessions where you can have a remedial massage with physio to get the best relief from chronic neck pain. So what are you waiting for? Call us now to book an appointment.